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Effective automation is more than just sending emails.

And with Autonomy, we'll set up your marketing automation systems in 90 days.

Think of automation as your ultimate sales & marketing sidekick.

From turnkey behavior-based lists to ongoing internal notifications that keep things moving, automation helps your business get more done without lifting a finger.


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Ways our automations can help you


Our automations categorize leads and customers into segments based on their buying frequency, industry, company size, interaction history, and other relevant criteria.

Task Assignments

We establish automated tasks and follow-ups among marketing, sales and CS teams based on load, expertise, or account ownership.

Customer Onboarding

We build workflows for new customer onboarding that feature resources and information to drive engagement and product adoption.

Renewal & Upsells

We can automatically identify opportunities for contract renewals, upsells, or cross-sells, and initiate outreach campaigns at the right time.

Sales Pipeline Management

Our automations track the progression of leads through different stages of the sales pipeline, triggering tasks, and reminders for sales reps.

Email/SMS/DM Sequences

We set up automated marketing sequences that trigger based on specific customer actions or time intervals.

Our process

Step 1: We'll audit your current set up

How it works: We'll do a deep dive into your CRM (if you have one) and audit your lists, segmentation, customer communications, and tracking. We'll also evaluate your tech stack to understand where there are opportunities.

From there, we'll identify issues blocking sales or personalization opportunities that have been leaving revenue on the table.

No CRM? No problem. We'll start fresh and build based on your existing data.

The outcome: An expert analysis detailing existing CRM strengths while prescribing actionable solutions across improved segmentation, ongoing optimizations and reporting.

Step 2: We'll build new workflows and communications

How it works: Leveraging audit learnings, we'll architect new workflows, lists, segmentations, and messaging - all focused on automating the highest revenue opportunities.

The outcome:
A reliable, foolproof framework that fuels automated, tailored delivery of the right messages for customers - along with organized workflows that optimize internal ways of working for your sales & marketing teams.

Step 3: We'll train your team on the new systems

How it works: Once the new workflows and messaging are in place, we'll develop documentation and build an AI training bot for any questions that arise. We'll also conduct hands-on training so that your team can ask any questions live.

The outcome: Always-on workflows and systems that enable your team to move faster and close more - without wasted time, disorganization, or miscommunications.

What customers are saying

Calling Sam a marketing genius is an understatement. Our time with the team has resulted in substantial, tangible, and measurable results.

Adam D.,

CEO, Distributor

Sam is an outstanding marketing talent. Her knowledge and expertise far beyond exceeded our expectations. Communication and timelines were also flawless.

Tracy W.

Account Director

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Profile name

CEO / Creative IT

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Profile name

CEO / Creative IT

Our platform expertise

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Where does the marketing automation happen?

We utilize a variety of tools that integrate with one another in order to execute our marketing automations. Many times, we rely on CRMs as the "hub" or starting point of our automations and then build from there.

Do I need a CRM if I don't have one?

We'll be honest: It's an essential tool for staying competitive and responsive in a B2B environment.

A B2B business should see a CRM as a necessity, as it serves as the "hub" for all of your customer touchpoints - enabling better coordination and communication across the business.

By understanding client needs and history, you can tailor your approach to improve relationships, increase retention, and ultimately drive growth.

Will automation or AI take away personalization for my company?

No. Automation and AI don't remove personalization when done properly - instead, they're tools that can enhance personalization by processing data more efficiently and accurately.

What if I have questions after the 90 days?

If questions come up after we've worked together, we're happy to provide quick answers. If there's a need for continuous optimization, we're open to discussing an arrangement based on a month-to-month commitment.

Do you work with just B2B or B2C as well?

We focus on partnering with B2C and B2B companies, specifically in the sustainability space. We're open to partnering with companies beyond this space on a case-by-case basis.